Alex Maria

The Philadelphia Police Department is requesting public assistance in locating missing tender-age Alex Maria Coleman and Jaxson Coleman. In the 2600 block of W. Thompson St., on May 28, 2024, Alex and Jaxson were last seen with their 40-year-old mother Nina Coleman. Nina may be travelling aboard a silver MAZDA CX-5 (PA) LVN-7044 to Providence, Rhode Island, with Alex and Jaxson. Currently, there isn’t a picture of Nina—the mother—available.

Eight years old, Alex sports pink kitten headphones and a tiny freckle on the bridge of her nose.
Jaxson has short, curly brown hair and is six years old.


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Central Detectives at 215-686-3093 is asking anyone with knowledge about Alex or Jaxon to get in touch with them.