The recent Sky-Liberty game has gained notable attention, not just for the on-court action but also due to a controversial moment involving Angel Reese. Reese’s dismissal from the game has sparked conversations across the sports community, and even caught the interest of Bulls’ Lonzo Ball.

Angel Reese

The Incident

During a heated moment in the Sky-Liberty game, Angel Reese was ejected for what many have termed a ‘weak’ foul. The decision to dismiss Reese has been criticized by fans and analysts alike. The incident has raised questions about the consistency and fairness of officiating in women’s basketball games.

Lonzo Ball’s Reaction

Among those who have voiced their opinions is Chicago Bulls’ player, Lonzo Ball. Ball took to social media to express his support for Reese and called the dismissal ‘unfortunate and unnecessary.’ He even went a step further, suggesting that Reese’s talent would be a great fit for other teams, hinting at a potential offer for her future endeavors.

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Implications and Future Prospects

The uproar following Angel Reese’s dismissal could have significant implications for her career. With attention from players like Lonzo Ball and potential offers on the table, Reese’s future in professional basketball looks promising despite the recent setback. This incident also highlights the need for a closer examination of officiating standards in the sport.


Angel Reese’s ejection from the Sky-Liberty game has undeniably stirred the pot in the sports world. While the dismissal has been largely criticized, it has also opened up new opportunities for Reese. With backing from influential figures like Lonzo Ball, Reese’s career trajectory could take an exciting turn.




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