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Coquihalla Canyon Park




The Impact of the 2021 Flood

In 2021, Coquihalla Canyon Park experienced a devastating flood that caused significant damage to the area. More than 30 sites within the park were affected, with the iconic Othello Tunnels being one of the most severely impacted locations. The damage necessitated extensive restoration efforts to bring this beloved site back to its former glory.

Restoration Efforts

The restoration work at Coquihalla Canyon Park has been a monumental task. Teams have worked tirelessly over the past 2.5 years to repair and restore the affected areas. The Othello Tunnels, a key attraction at the park, required particular attention due to the severity of the damage they sustained. These efforts have involved structural repairs, safety assessments, and the rebuilding of damaged pathways and infrastructure.







Othello tunnels







Reopening and What to Expect

With the restoration work nearing completion, visitors can look forward to the reopening of Coquihalla Canyon Park and the Othello Tunnels. The reopening marks a significant milestone in the park’s recovery and offers an opportunity for visitors to experience the natural beauty and historical significance of the tunnels once again. The restored tunnels will feature improved safety measures and enhanced accessibility, ensuring a better experience for all who visit.

As the park prepares to welcome back visitors, it is important to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the restoration teams. Their efforts have not only preserved a vital piece of history but have also ensured that future generations can continue to enjoy the wonders of Coquihalla Canyon Park and the Othello Tunnels.