In an unexpected turn of events, a significant mudslide has closed Teton Pass. The closure is anticipated to last for the rest of the day as authorities assess the situation and begin cleanup efforts.

Teton Pass mudslide

Details of the Incident

The mudslide occurred early this morning, following a night of heavy rainfall. The deluge of water loosened soil and rocks, resulting in a substantial flow that covered the roadway. Fortunately, no injuries have been reported, but the blockage has created a major disruption for travelers and residents in the area.

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Teton Pass

Response from Authorities

Local authorities have quickly responded to the mudslide, deploying crews to the site to evaluate the damage and start the clearing process. The safety of the public remains a top priority, and officials have urged individuals to avoid the area until it is deemed safe for travel.

Impact on Travel

The closure of Teton Pass has significant implications for travel, especially for those who rely on this route for their daily commute. Alternate routes are being recommended, but delays are expected. Authorities are advising travelers to plan accordingly and stay updated on the latest developments regarding the road’s status.


While the mudslide on Teton Pass is an unforeseen inconvenience, the quick response from authorities and the cooperation of the public will help ensure a swift resolution. Travelers are encouraged to remain patient and attentive to official updates to navigate this situation as smoothly as possible.

Teton Pass mudslide