In a significant legal ruling, a judge has ordered the Quebec government to pay over $144 million to taxi permit holders. This decision comes as a result of the province’s move to abolish the traditional taxi permit system, which has been met with considerable controversy and criticism.


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Background of the Case

The Quebec government decided to eliminate the taxi permit system in 2019, aiming to modernize the transportation sector and create a more level playing field for ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft. However, this move was met with fierce opposition from taxi drivers and permit holders, who argued that the permits, which often cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars, had been rendered worthless overnight.



The Court’s Decision

After a lengthy legal battle, a judge has ruled in favor of the taxi permit holders. The court recognized the financial losses incurred by the permit holders and ordered the Quebec government to compensate them to the tune of over $144 million. This ruling is seen as a major victory for the taxi industry and a significant financial burden for the provincial government.


Impact on the Taxi Industry

This legal decision is expected to have a lasting impact on the taxi industry in Quebec. While the compensation is a relief for many permit holders, the abolition of the permit system signifies a permanent shift in the transportation landscape. Taxi drivers now face increased competition from ride-sharing services, and the industry will need to adapt to these changes to survive and thrive in the future.



The judge’s order for Quebec to pay over $144 million to taxi permit holders marks a crucial moment in the province’s transportation history. It underscores the financial and emotional toll the abolition of taxi permits has had on many individuals. As the industry moves forward, it will be essential to find a balance that accommodates both traditional taxi services and modern ride-sharing platforms.